Issue 43
Dec 2017

School News:
Shanghai Nanmo Private High School BC Offshore Program

What Christmas means to our BC teacher Ms. Naomie Fortin

Written by: Alice Wang

“Jingle bells, Jingle bells.” As the exciting rhythms of Christmas songs echo in our hearts, we are surrounded by a festive atmosphere again. Mentioning Christmas, the things that first appear in our minds are cute visions of Santa Claus, delicate gifts and hearty family dinners.

Our dear teacher, Ms. Fortin, grew up in Quebec, which is a province with a lot of French customs. She shared some unique experiences about Christmas with us.

When she was still a little girl, her grandma would buy a table cloth from the market every year before Christmas. This was not a normal table cloth because many French lyrics of different Christmas songs were printed on the cloth. The moment her grandma called all of the children in the family, they would sit beside the table and begin singing. Suddenly, the house was filled with the warmth of angelic sounds. Years and years passed by, Ms. Fortin grew up and became a teenager. She gradually got bored with this tradition.

“Now my grandparents have passed away. The only thing that I really wanted to get from them was that table cloth.” Tears were twinkling in Ms. Fortin’s eyes, when she remembered her childhood experience.

This table cloth was a symbol of pure and precious love in her family, which would be passed on from one generation to another.

Holidays are a chance for us to get close to our family members and strengthen the emotional ties. It doesn’t matter what kind of traditions we do to celebrate Christmas, but how we express our true love to each other.

My reflection on Nanmo’s last basketball season

Written by: Marie Xu

Being part of my school’s basketball team has been one of the most important and unforgettable experiences I have ever had in high school. I have had an interest in basketball since middle school, but I did not have the opportunity and courage to try a new sport until high school. I even hesitated when my physics teacher, who is also the basketball coach, asked me if I would like to be part of the team. I was scared to try since I had absolutely no experience and had never played basketball before. However, I persuaded myself to be brave and give basketball a try. I would never regret making this decision as it did teach me a lot.

This is my second year joining the basketball team, and I earned much more than just basketball skills in the past two years. I gained friends, happiness, confidence, and the courage to try new things. I will never forget all the training, games our team have gone through together. Every Tuesday afternoon’s training and Thursday’s game witnessed our effort, sweat, laughter, and the team’s growth. Every one of the team members grew with our team under Ms. Hale and Ms. Zhang’s coaching throughout the season. The coaches were amazing, and they were the backbone of our team. We were supportive and united in games. I can still remember the happiness when we won a game and the sadness when we lost a game.

This year, both of our school’s boys and girls team won 3rd place in the tournament among eight British Columbia Offshore Schools. This was the result of every team member’s effort, and we were really happy with it. It was my pleasure being in such a great team, and having such amazing coaches, Ms. Hale and Ms. Zhang for two years. I will still cherish our wonderful moments together though the basketball season has already ended.

Nanmo Boys BCOS Basketball Season

Written by: Joshua Kan

Accompanied by the final from the referees, we finished our basketball season on November 30th in 3rd place. This season was an extraordinary and unforgettable experience for me, and for all of the athletes and managers.

In the two-day tournament, we had four rivals which were ML Shanghai, Sino Canada, SUIS and GCA. The first game was against GCA; it seemed to be the easiest game among the four games; however, I sprained my left ankle in the first quarter. It was terrible news for me and for the team because the other three teams we would face were the top three teams in the regular season (we are the fourth).

Then, I was absent in the next two games, and when I watched the games from the bench, they were really filled with anxiety, especially for the game against SUIS. Our two coaches Mr. Corry and Mr. Zhai gave us wonderful tactics, and we prevailed until the last quarter. In the end, we lost the game with SUIS, but after that, I decided to play in the last game which was the third place match.

With a foot bind from my coaches, I felt less pain than before. The last game began. Our opponent had defeated us in the regular season, so we felt a little flustered and nervous before the game. From the beginning to the end of the half, we led by 20 points, whereas due to the lack of people (some people injured), we gave up the lead that we had. At the last second of the game, their key player obtained two free-throws sand we were only 1 point ahead; it was the most stressful moment that I have ever experienced. Fortunately, he missed the two shots, and we won the game with 72 to 71. It was the toughest game out of the whole season, and I was the MVP of the game. I was grateful to my coaches and my teammates, who worked together with me to beat our rivals.

We achieved the goals for this season, which were to get a medal from the BCOS tournament, and a season of no regrets.