Issue 43
Dec 2017

School News:
Luwan Senior High School BC Offshore Program

2017 Parent-Teacher Meeting

Written by Arden, Grade 12

On November 24th, 2017, Luwan Senior High School’s British Columbia Offshore Program held a parents-teacher meeting as scheduled. This time, we drew on the experience from previous meetings to do even better than before.

The parent-teacher meeting is very strange for grade 10 students. It’s different from domestic Chinese schools since it’s made up of one-to-one, face to face conversations between parents and teachers. It lets parents have more opportunity to have individual conversations with each teacher to decrease the distance between the parents and teachers. Unlike the previous parent meetings, this year we also had a principal speech and student speeches. Principal Berg’s speech included our school’s general situation, the promotion of the past years, how to improve English skills and how to apply for university. For the student speech, Jayla Gu from Grade 12 talked about her experience preparing and taking the IELTS test. She is a top student who got 7.5 on the IELTS test and her GPA reached 4.0, so her advice might help students get better marks.

During the meeting, there was a schedule sheet on each classroom door. It clearly showed when each parent could come to speak to each teacher. Students always start signing up the week before the parent’s meeting. The students can sign up in the principal’s office. If the parents don’t have spare time to come, he or she can contact the teachers and come some other time. Each classroom had a volunteer responsible for reminding parents of the time and place of their meetings. Also, if the meeting lasts more than 10 minutes, they will knock on the door. For students in Grade 10 and 11, the parent-teacher meeting provided a chance to be volunteers. The parent-teacher meeting runs from 10am to 4pm. Before that, students had three classes. The meeting not only let parents talk with teachers, but also provided an opportunity to know about the educational environment.

Dodgeball Battle

Written by Emma, Grade 12

Luwan BC program’s dodgeball competition is a school tradition which is held every year. This year, the student council decided to hold the competition on November 15th. All six house teams competed with each other and the winning team got to play against the teachers!

Dodgeball is a popular activity in North American elementary schools, high schools and even universities. However, dodgeball isn’t popular in China, so I will introduce the rules first. Every match is limited to 20 minutes, and every team needs to have 8 players, 3 girls and 5 boys. Five balls are lined up in the middle of the playing area. After the match begins, players need to rush in and grab the ball. Once the players get the balls, they can begin to try to hit the players on the other side. If a player gets hit by a ball or goes out of bounds, they are eliminated. Also, if a player catches a ball from the opposite team, the player who threw the ball is eliminated and one team member can come back into the game again. The goal of the game is to eliminate the members of the opposite team. All the students were really excited, especially the grade 10s. After a long period of games, finally the winner was the Green team! So they fought against the teacher’s team as the final battle.

“I don’t believe that we can go into the final battle and beat the teachers!” said Jayla, leader of the green team. All the BC students came and saw the game and everyone was excited. Mr. Chang was full of preparation. He even took off his shoes saying: “I think this can help me run faster and avoid the ball easier.” When the game began, all the teachers grabbed the balls as quick as lightning, so the green team needed to avoid the balls in order to survive and fight back. However, the teachers didn’t give this chance to the green team, their throws were fast and sharp. Their first throws got many students out of the game, so only Price from grade 11 was alive. It’s no surprise that the teachers won the game easily. “Teachers are really good at this game and their throws are really tight, so I have no chance to avoid quickly. All of this happened in just in a second,” said Price.

In general, all the students enjoyed this competition and they look forward to having more chances to attend these kinds of events in the future.