Issue 43
Dec 2017

School News:
Jiaxing Senior High School BC Offshore Program

Basketball Tournament by Joyce Shen (Shen Yuting, Grade 11)

On November 29th and 30th, our BCOS boys and girls basketball teams went to Sino-Canada School in Suzhou for the annual basketball tournament. I could say that must be the best tournament until now for sure! Our two teams both made progress during the games, and got good places.

During the two-day tournament, all of our members in the team tried their best not only on the courts but also off the courts. Our players on the court put their all into every game, and showed their enthusiasm of basketball. Team members off the court also tried their best to cheer for everyone. During this tournament, BCOS students really showed the strength of the collective, and felt the sense of collective honor deeply.

After the tournament, I interviewed the new and old members on the basketball team. Bella in Grade 11 said that, “compared to the last year, we made huge progress this year, from 7th place to 5th place. Also, I grew from knowing nothing about basketball to understanding the basic rules of the game, and I even scored on the court! However, all the successes came from all the members trying so hard, and Ms. Mercer’s careful guidance.

The main player Stephen in Grade 11 talked about his idea as well. He said, “Our team’s style changed from defense a lot to fast rhythm. I thought our team has improved every year, and our scoring ability improved a lot.” At the same time, he is full of longing for the future. “I hope more students who like playing basketball can join us next year!”

What will new Grade 10 players say about the games? Though Grade 10 Kyle and Oscar attended the tournament for the first time, they have already made the first lineup because of their ability. Kyle said, “It is the first year I joined the team, and I had so many chances on the court, I felt so happy. Though our final place was not very good, I knew that everyone tried their best. I feel I could still improve, so if all of us practice hard, I believe that we can get a better place next time.” Differently, when Oscar thought about the tournament, he was shocked by the atmosphere the most. “This is an incredible season! We’ve won some games, and we’ve also lost some. The thing that impressed me a lot is the team atmosphere. Every team member cheered for the players who were in the game. It seems like BCOS is a big and harmonious family. I am so proud that I am part of this family,” Oscar said.

Also, our leader of the boys’ basketball team, Nick in Grade 12, shared the feeling of this wonderful season. He said, “The season was a tough one, while Mr. B didn’t take the role of coaching, and Mr. Wu was very busy. I had to do lots of things. That being said, my passion towards basketball didn’t change. We did our best during the training to solidify players’ cooperation. I really appreciate every member’s contribution to the team, on the court or bench. We played as a team, and showed the spirit of basketball. Reaching a higher position than last year, I hope the Jaguars will do better and better in the future.”

In conclusion, we did a really good job, and we believe that we won’t let anyone down next year.

"Learning from our elders" Project of Grade 10 by Jasmine Fang (Fang Yue, Grade 10)

In Grade 10’s English class, Ira gave us a new project -- learning a skill or tradition from our elders. After returning to their homes over the weekend, students learned to communicate with their elders, and some skills or traditions that we never noticed before or were deeply studied. In the last few lessons, our speeches and showcases were still going on. Let's take a look at the harvest and thinking that this new subject has brought to us.

What is the ‘learning a skill or tradition from the elders’ project? Before the start of the project, Ira let us think about a few questions. This is a question that we need to learn from our elders, and our elders also learned this skill from his / her elders.

The night before the presentations, Ms. V in Grade 11 came to our dorm. When they were doing this project last year, a girl sent materials to each student, patiently stitched and stitched it with one needle. This also enlightened us.

For our speeches, many students chose Chinese traditional skills such as paper cutting, knitting sweaters, cooking dumplings and so on, so the audience was immersed in happiness. In the course of teaching, the professors also invited a number of volunteers, such as Ira and Amanda. There were also many interesting students who added videos and pictures to the speech, making the project more alive.

Through this project, we know that we should inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, all of them are the wisdom of the working people. No matter what you do, you have to have patience. In peacetime, we should also communicate with the elders and talk about their culture at that time. In addition to this, only practice can make our skills more perfect. We all benefited a lot from this project.

Trip to LEGO by Dorothy Han and Brenda Xia (Han Xinyue, Xia Ruchen, Grade 11)

The students from the Grade 11 Marketing class went to the Lego factory in Jiaxing for a school trip last month! The first things they saw in the factory were two models made up of Lego blocks.

After they entered the workshop, students listened to some professional explanations carefully and asked their questions. Besides, students also visited a series of steps that are mostly achieved by machines, such as how to make each Lego block and how to package them. Although it was hot and suffocating in the workshop and the smell of plastic was pretty bad, these things still did not stop students’ desires of learning new things. This was shown by all the questions that students asked. For instance, how many tests are needed for these blocks to be sold? If the machines made some mistakes, what will workers do to solve the problem?

In the passageway, some Lego models, which were designed by professional designers, are simple and creative, so they attracted the attention of the students.

At the end of the visit, the students worked together to make a bridge with Lego. Though the Lego tour was only a few hours, it gave the students some knowledge that they couldn’t learn from the textbooks.

After the end of the Lego trip, the students shared their thoughts:

Ricardo: “Before entering the factory, I asked a Lego employee who had just got off work. He told me that he would also play Lego in his spare time. This makes me feel the charm of Lego and become more curious about the Lego factory.”

Dawn: “After visiting the Lego factory, I felt the use of high technology in the factory. The integration of machines makes the Lego factory provide products more efficiently and it can save a lot of labor costs to improve its own interests.”

Claire: “What makes me feel interested are the machines in the factory and how to make the models. In particular, there is a department that is only in charge of assembling Lego blocks.”

Tammy: “The experience of this visit was beneficial, and it made me feel much closer to the real market and let me understand the knowledge in the book better.”