Issue 43
Dec 2017

School News:
Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School BC Offshore Program

House update – November

In a well-deserved upset from the establishing Black-Gray rivalry, Yellow house managed to become the victorious house for November. It was a very close race this month with all four houses within 20 points of each other. However, despite a tendency to lose many cards for speaking in Chinese, Yellow house tenaciously sought out and acquired citizenship cards. What is more remarkable is this pattern was followed by multiple members of the house and not just a dedicated individual.

Still it was very close right until the end with Gray house in second by the space of a single citizenship card. This was followed by Black house and then Blue. As Blue was also the lowest scorer last month they had to both create a music video (blue suede shoes) and find out their next consequence. This time round it was the dreaded 500 word additional essay. Perhaps this will be the motivation that inspires them to follow in the path of Yellow and upset the usual leaders of Gray and Black.

16th Sports Meeting by Quincy Chia

On November 23rd, our school held the sixteenth sports meeting. The bitter cold wind still could not oppose the enthusiasm of the students and every face was filled with a brilliant smile. Looking at the wonderful shows of each league, the CSW league was also not to be outdone. They took agile strides to the field and stopped in front of the platform with their freshness and energy. Blue, yellow, grey and black became the fascinating scenery. These four colors represent four different house leagues from the CSW. They shouted slogans loudly and their movements were powerful. What’s more, Mr. Jutte, Mr. O’Ryan, Ms. Bradley and Ms. Gosselin’s elaborate dance was icing on the cake of the show and made everyone laugh.

Every single student signed up for the sports meeting actively and enthusiastically, so you would see the CSW student throughout the entire field. Unity and hard work showed the spirit of the students. After two days of fierce competition with other leagues, the following students achieved excellent results: Mark, Buck, George, Dale, Jody, Fiona, Suvan, Alice and Darcy from Grade 10; Michael, Catherine Hu, Tina and Peter Jin from Grade 11; Christy from Grade 12.

Recycling Program by Cassie Jiang

When we hear about recycling programs, the first feeling that immediately springs in our mind is something distant. However, they exist in our daily life. Actually, recycling takes a really important role in protecting both the environment and our physical health, and the garbage classification is a major and essential ingredient in it. However, the condition of sorting garbage is not well done in China. To be more specific, our school lacks a great understanding of it. In order to improve the bad condition in sorting garbage in our school and let more students and teachers get a comprehension of garbage classification, blue team launched the recycling program in November. The walls beside the trash cans in each floors had posters put up, which help students figure out how to sort the waste rightly. Each class room was equipped with battery collection box and paper collection box, which provide available places for used paper and batteries. Every month, a member from blue team will collect and sell them. The money earned from selling waste becomes the fund for the recycling program.

Next time you want to throw garbage away, please spend three seconds to think about where it belongs. We sincerely hope everyone would do their duty to sort the garbage. We believe that we will have a great cooperative effort and our school will become better!!!