Issue 43
Dec 2017

Message from CINEC

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents:

Welcome back to another CINEC newsletter. The holiday season is upon us and our teachers and students have been busy preparing for different festivities that we’re sure you will hear about in next month’s newsletter. While it is a time for celebration and joy, hard work is just around the corner as midterm examinations, university applications and report cards are upcoming; just in time for the wonderful Chinese New Year Holiday break.

In this newsletter you will have the opportunity to read up on all the on-going events in our CINEC programs, including an article on the importance of international education as well as a cultural article on the exciting holiday tradition of exchanging gifts.

As the calendar year wraps up, the academic year is just hitting stride. It is important to work hard and enjoy the learning experiences along the way. Remember that teachers and staff, as well as CINEC are always there to provide support in whatever capacity they can.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a prosperous 2018!

Happy Holidays,
CINEC Education Group (Canada)
Vancouver, BC, Canada