Issue 37
May 2017

Star Students

May Star Student - Kitty Lu (Grade 10C, Shanghai Nanmo Private High School BC Offshore Program)

Written by: Ada Yang

If you have Kitty Lu’s Wechat, you will find her extraordinary talents in fine arts in her Wechat moments posts. Kitty Lu is May’s Star Student!

When I asked about what she thinks BC teachers’ reasons to recommend her were, she said “Probably it is because I am always creative in assignments, putting huge amounts of effort into them. The biome box is an example.”

Indeed, her compositions are always regarded as superior artistic works and are welcomed by BC teachers. Also, she mentioned that her leadership might be another reason for her to be selected. “When I work in a group, I will lead the team,” said Lu, “I have a strong leadership to divide the work into different sections and will never leave anyone alone.”

The discussion of teamwork reminds her of many impressive experiences she had earlier this year: In her classes, because some of the groups were chosen by her teachers, sometimes the members who intended to do nothing were involved, infuriating her. Subsequently, it was her parents’ advice that helped her to change her mind, and more importantly, teaching her to view the people with a new attitude. After hearing her grumbles, surprisingly, her parents told her to find the highlights of them, rather than merely the defects — what she saw was just one negative aspect of those people, but good points in their personalities did exist. Her parents’ words inspired Lu a lot, and she felt freer when working in groups since then.

Her parents’ help towards her was more than that. As mentioned before, Lu’s talents in fine art have astonished her friends and teachers, while they cannot be separated from the great influence of her artistic family: her mother is an art teacher, and her father is a sculptor. Lu’s habit of recording life, sketching, was given by her father. Since her time in kindergarten, Lu’s mother has opened the door of fine art for Lu. She taught her daughter to draw some animals, ducks, for example, and changed them to a cute version. It was at this time when Lu found her interests in fine art, and her father pushed her pleasure towards fine art further when teaching her about sketching later. As a sculptor, her father was specialized in creating the precise structure of sketches. Learning quite well, Lu then started to carry a sketchbook with her everyday. “I still keep the sketchbook with me now. It has become my hobby,” said Lu. She found that not only has sketching helped her with her artistic skills, but it has also endowed her with the ability to find subtle traits in everything she views, which contributes a lot to her study in our Nanmo BC Program.

She really favors her life in Nanmo. Posters, videos, presentations, and assignments are all regarded by her as a platform to share special opinions and say them out loud — with the help of fine art. When asked about her plan, surprisingly, Lu says she will keep fine art as her hobby throughout her life rather than making it a job. She gives her reason: “I want myself to be happy and relaxed about fine art. So, if I take fine art as a job, I will feel stressful about it.” Lu believes, when her hobby is turned into a task, her passion will diminish.

At the end of the interview, she underscores that everyone has a potential in something, and that working hard is the most important ingredient to success. Admittedly, when Kitty Lu stands in front of you, what you are viewing is an inclusive, talented, and diligent girl.

Dorothy Han (Grade 10, Jiaxing Senior High School BC Offshore Program)

Written by Krysty & Nancy (Grade 10)

1. What do you do in the class?

I always listen carefully and do notes if I think something is really important. I will learn the new course content before the classes begin. After the class, I will review what we learned and ask questions if I don’t know something.

2. What about the homework?

I have a planner to write my homework in and make a timetable about when to do each piece of homework. First, I will review the knowledge that we learned from class. After that I start doing the homework.

3. What about reviewing before tests or exams?

I always have enough time to study because teachers always tell us the time for the tests or exams. The best reviewing time is the weekend. My friends and I will use an afternoon to arrange knowledge points. It is pretty helpful for me to study. If I am too busy during the weekend, I will use the first two classes to review and remember knowledge points. In the last class of the evening study, I will talk about some important questions with my classmates.

4. What do you do to practice English daily?

After I receive the word lists that teachers give me, I will translate every word carefully. These words are the keys for me to get good marks. While I am having a rest, I always listen to English songs and watch American TV shows. I want to recommend some TV shows: The Big Bang Theory, 2 Broke Girls, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. are all good TV shows.

Cassie Jiang (Jiang Yahui) (Grade 10, Canadian Secondary Wenzhou No. 22 School BC Offshore Program)

The key to success is being “optimistic” when facing challenges and carrying out your tasks. This is our student of the month’s point of view.

Aside from her powerful and thoughtful point of view, she is known for her effort in studying, high achievement in all school subjects, and her politeness and helpfulness to friends and teachers. Her name is Cassie Jiang (Jiang Yahui).

She is inspired by the Chinese old saying, “The happiest thing in the world is to struggle for the ideal.” One of her ideals is studying abroad, so this is why she chose CSW as her high school and works hard to get herself to one of the best universities abroad. Cassie is fond of reading, especially philosophy books. Writing is another hobby of hers. When there are long weekends or holidays she enjoys traveling to different places and visiting the beautiful scenery with her family.

She describes herself as an easy-going person who wants to help and answer questions if she can.

Cassie's advice are:
1. Be Calm.
2. Have a clear short term goal.
3. Make a detailed study plan.
4. Be optimistic.
5. Persevere.

Her accomplishments at CSW are three consecutive terms on the Gold Honour Roll (GPA of 91% or higher), 2nd Prize winner of the No.22 Wenzhou Senior Middle School Art Competition for Group Dance, 8th place in Triple Jump from the School Sport Day and Merit Award from the CSW singing competition.

Cassie's future plans are:
1. Trying my best to be on the Gold Honour Roll.
2. Get 6.5 or better on IELTS.
3. Be accepted into the University of Toronto for September 2019.